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Video Lessons on Drawing from Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick

Video Lessons on Drawing from Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick

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Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon are skilled artists, inspiring instructors, and just really kind people. If youve ever been in a workshop with either of them, you are lucky enough to know what I mean. They share their experiences as working artists and motivate those around them with the wealth of knowledge they share.

Burdick and Lyon have done us all a good turn by creating online video lessons on several art topics including figure drawing and portrait drawing, which I wanted to highlight for all of you.

In Lyons Figure Drawing video, the drawing process is outlined from start to finish,
beginning with a tutorial on supplies and techniques. From there, you get to see
more than 20 pose demonstrations, ranging from quick one-minute sketches to
lengthier studies that allow you to develop a more fleshed-out drawing. In this
two-hour tutorial, Lyon takes you through different drawing media, including china
marker, chalk, charcoal, and pastel pencil.

In Burdicks Secrets of Drawing, the technical aspects of drawing a portrait are explored.
This includes measuring, value, shapes, and more. The artist contextualizes these
elements through two portrait demonstrations and numerous small studies to further
illustrate all of the techniques and areas discussed.

Check out the artists online store for ordering information. Enjoy!

Watch the video: The Banishment of Beauty (July 2022).


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