Face Time: Myrna Wacknov Self-Portrait Gallery

Face Time: Myrna Wacknov Self-Portrait Gallery

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Around the time watercolor artist-turned-mixed-media-artist Myrna Wacknov began painting experimental portraits, she hit upon a way to streamline the effort that has since provided an endless opportunity for inventive exploration: self-portraiture.

“I was teaching a workshop in advanced portraiture, and one of the lessons was about the face and hands,” she says. The resulting painting, Reflections on Turning 65 (below), not only won major awards, but also spawned an entire year’s worth of self-portraits that have become Wacknov’s signature calling card. “Now I often turn to my own face as a convenience,” she says. “I can take as many photos as I want, and I can control the lighting and pose until I get something interesting.”

To see more of Wacknov’s self-portraiture in both watercolor and mixed media, including a series using an underlying grid, see the August 2015 issue of Watercolor Artist—available as both a print issue and a .pdf download. The issue can also be found on newsstands June 16.

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Watch the video: Sculpted Self Portraits (July 2022).


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