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Fabriano in Aquarello: A Pleasure to Experience

Fabriano in Aquarello: A Pleasure to Experience

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Seven years ago, Fabriano in Aquarello was established to unite the world of watercolour by creating a place and a forum to display and discuss an international selection of watercolours.

This 2016 global watercolour event was chaired by Anna Massinissa. The Canadian representative, Alfonso Tejada, contacted me with an invitation to participate in the 2016 watercolour exhibition in Fabriano, Italy. Of course I said yes! The world will give you a wealth of experiences when you say yes to opportunities.

The Fabriano committee penned the following to describe their event:

“Fabriano in Acquarello promotes meeting, cooperation and creative exchange between international watercolourists, among audiences and fans. It supports the traditional technique and at the same time wants to inspire new creativity and avant-garde methods for the involvement of new generations.
The convention has no commercial or political purposes of any kind, but intends to be an operative base of brotherhood and seed for peace culture. It is important to note that the town of Fabriano and its namesake paper manufacturer has been making paper for over 700 years! An International watercolour museum will be developed in Fabriano to celebrate the tradition and dedication to papermaking and the commitment to the art of watercolours.”

The Fabriano watercolour convention was an amazing experience. The program consisted of an exhibition in several pavilions; artists were selected from 50 countries around the world and more than 800 watercolours were displayed.

The convention offered many free demonstrations presented by major international watercolour artists. (Some workshops required advance booking with a fee attached.) There were demonstrations on traditional handmade paper and some took the opportunity to make their own piece of paper. Kiosks were set up with a variety of paints, brushes and papers for artists needing materials.

Many opportunities were provided to participating artists, including plein air painting, guided tours, dinners and local music.

This event was a wonderful occasion to meet and share ideas with other artists from around the world. I personally met artists from Sweden, Germany, Pakistan, India, South America and the Ukraine.

The mayor of Fabriano opened the festival. Translators were on hand to interpret speeches in many different languages so that all artists from around the world felt welcome and a part of the experience.

This event was well organized and a pleasure to experience and Italy was an artist’s paradise.

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