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Self-Care Whats In It for Creatives? Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 2

Self-Care Whats In It for Creatives? Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 2

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Welcome to Art Opening(s), the podcast where there are no gatekeepers, no stupid questions, and art for all. Hosted by Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders and sponsored by Network.

Self-Care — What’s In It for Creatives?

Today we’re talking self-care. But we think we’ve got some ideas that you’ll want to know of, like ways to fight creative burnout and how to only be a suffering artist if that’s just what you’re into.

So what is self-care? Basically anything that gets you through the day. It’s the little things you do for yourself (like a nap or letting yourself buy Kleenex instead of the scratchy off-brand ones) OR big things (massages, therapy, vacations) that recharge you.

But what we’re mainly concerned with today are all the nooks and crannies where your self-care routine intersects with your creativity and art-making (which is also a form of self-care! Trippy!).

Oh, and just so we are clear, this is for entertainment and conversational purposes only. Do NOT come to Courtney or Sam for professional advice. Go to an expert!

This episode of Art Opening(s) is sponsored by Plein Air Painting Workshop in Pastel and Meditations on Drawing| An Network Event.

In this episode, Sam, Suzan and I muse on:

+The nature of a creative mind…

+”Sad boys” of art…

+Whether there is truth in a positive and negative side to creativity…

+How to rethink what creativity is all about…

+A lightning round of ideas of what “self-care” can be, and what works and what doesn’t…

Listen in as we discuss how artist stereotypes stand in our way of fully enjoying — finding peace and empowerment — our creative spirit. We will discuss what kind of self-care regimens are out there and if self-care has the power to kick the stereotype of the “starving artist” to the curb.

Listen now!

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Special Guest Suzan Colón

Suzan is an artist, yogi and author of Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical (North Star Way/Scribner), among other books, and a former senior editor of O, the Oprah Magazine.

Her writing has been featured in the Oprah Magazine and Good Housekeeping, Jane, Latina, Details, Harper’s Bazaar, and Rolling Stone, and on, the Huffington Post, and other websites.

She’s appeared on The Today Show, the Early Show, NPR, and now, Art Opening(s).

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