The Basics of Drawing Anatomy for Artists

The Basics of Drawing Anatomy for Artists

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Drawing Anatomy

The study of human anatomy, for artists, can be as simple and straightforward as learning about proportions and working from life, or as involved and complex as mastering an understanding of the skeletal, muscular, and surface structure of the human body. Oftentimes, anatomy for the artist revolves around creating detailed anatomy drawings and anatomy sketches that can be referred back to in the studio.

This topic page will guide you towards links, resources and youtube tutorials to help you on your way to mastering drawing the human body. For more inspiration, follow Artist Daily’s Anatomy board on Pinterest.

Anatomy drawing techniques

Drawing male vs female hips
Many artists who focus exclusively on the female form struggle to translate their talent to drawing men. That’s why it’s important to study the two forms and practise drawing people and their different forms.

Drawing feet
A quarter of our bones are in our feet, which can make feet among the most difficult things parts of the body to draw. A good way to master the foot structure is to study medical drawings of the bones and work from there to muscles and skin.

Anatomy drawing inspiration
Medical books are a great place to start when discovering the human form. After all, Da Vinci himself drew directly from cadavers. Learning the position of ligaments and tendons will teach you the right way that muscles sit on the body, and avoid any awkard positioning of muscle structure.

Drawing gestures
By learning how to draw gestures – even by means of simple stick drawing at first – you can expand your understanding of how the body looks when creating those movements. By mastering common poses, you can improve your anatomy drawing dramatically.

Common anatomy drawing mistakes
Forgetting about the natural variations in skin can result in inaccuracies when drawing live models. Always take into account a model’s sun tan and natural pigmentation when you’re coding the values of the skin tones, since that will cause certain parts of the body to appear more forward or backward than others.

Figure drawing tips

For body drawings that look real and are incredibly satisfying to know that YOU are capable of drawing, learn alongside Brent Eviston in this drawing lesson.

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