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Ultimate Guide to Art Retreats and Workshops 2019

Ultimate Guide to Art Retreats and Workshops 2019

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Regional Hotspots for Artists Who Love Art and Learning in the West and Southwest

Let’s talk art retreats and workshops 2019 in two of our favorite regions: the West and Southwest. A love of learning and art come together in these workshops that could be near and convenient to you! See if any of these unique and stimulating offerings will put you on the path to fun, creative exploration. Plus, enjoy a few tips that will make sure you get the most out of any art retreat or workshop you participate in this year!

In Santa Fe with Albert Handell

The light and the colors of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico are truly unique and varied. They are difficult to describe in words. Artists simply must see them for themselves.

A Summer Evenings Last Light by Albert Handell, oil painting

Take the opportunity to observe and paint this beautiful landscape with master instructor and artist Albert Handell. Further information and more images can be found at

ARTIST TIP — When you are painting outdoors be sure to wear neutral colors when painting. Wearing bright colors can skew your color perception because the sunlight reflects off your clothes and onto your surface.

Art in the Mountains

Learn in a comfortable, fun and educational setting with Art in the Mountains, an organization that has created premier destination workshops since 1983. World renowned instructors will be your guides including Mary Whyte, Alvaro Castagnet, David Taylor, Herman Pekel, Karlyn Holman, Michael Reardon, Iain Stewart and Chinmaya Panda.

Domestic, international and cruise workshops are available for all skill levels, beginner to advanced. You’ll have inspiration and support throughout any workshop you participate in.

ARTIST TIP — When traveling with art supplies, look into options for shipping them ahead. It helps you avoid any problems going through security checks. If you are carrying paints as luggage, label them as such and store them in a see-through case…and of course remember to make sure they are all tightly sealed.

Learn the Mudhead Method with Camille Przewodek

Camille Przewodek’s plein-air color workshops incorporate the “mudhead” method of study championed by Charles Hawthorne at his Cape School of Art.

Early Morning Sun by Camille Przewodek, oil painting

The term “mudhead” refers to how a model’s flesh in shadow, when viewed out of context, has the appearance of mud. Students practice observing and painting the figure silhouetted against the sunlit landscape.

ARTIST TIP — Lucky enough to be painting on the ocean shore or near a river or lake? Take the extra precaution of putting your phone inside a clear zipper storage bag. This will protect your gear, but your camera feature will still be usable, so you can snap any reference shots you want.

Become the Artist You Were Meant to Be

Kara Bullock has taught more than 4,000 students all over the world, both online and in person. Kara has a decade’s worth of experience developing online classes and provides a variety of workshops in an array of mediums. That means there is something for everyone!

No matter where you are on your art journey, Kara’s classes provide a safe environment for all learners and all levels. Learn more now!

ARTIST TIP — With art learning online, it is crucial you carve out a bit of space for you to work. But you don’t need to get excessive. Just half of your kitchen table will do. Simply clear any food items away and put down a vinyl tablecloth for safety. And another one under your chair wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

Unique Opportunities with the New Mexico Art League

If you find yourself in New Mexico with a yearning to get creative, turn to the New Mexico Art League for guidance and support. Founded in 1929, the League offers an ambitious schedule of events that includes workshops and classes taught by accomplished artists from around the country.

Through the New Mexico Art League, you will also find lectures and demonstrations by artists and scholars sharing their unique area of study while promoting education in the fine arts.

Find Your Creativity with the Oregon Society of Artists

Come learn with the Oregon Society of Artists. Centrally located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, you will find a welcoming community offering classes and workshops in a variety of mediums, taught by locally- and nationally-known experts.

Paul Lockhart is one such renowned local expert instructor specializing in pastel. He depicts Portland scenes from favorite local vantage points or, like the White Stag sign above, big landmarks of the city. He, like all of the other instructors from the Oregon Society of Artists, shares his observations and passions with every student in his class.

ARTIST TIP — If you decide to trek out with Paul en plein air, don’t forget to stay hydrated. But reaching for your water bottle and getting a lukewarm sip can be the worst. The night before you’ll be painting, fill your bottle halfway and freeze it on its side. When it’s time to set out, pull it from the freezer and fill it the rest of the way with your favorite beverage. The frozen half will act as a giant ice cube.

Robert Burridge: Your Mentor and More

Let Robert Burridge guide and support you, wherever you are in your art journey. Learn contemporary figure painting alongside him in the studio. Embark on a studio mentor workshop for a more advanced focus. Five-day courses and private lessons are available as well to accommodate your schedule.

In beautiful Arroyo Grande, California, you can learn alongside Robert in a truly inspiring setting. Close to the beach and wineries as well as near wide open spaces to bring out your creative side, you’ll find a fun and supportive teacher and friend in Bob. Check out all the upcoming art retreats and workshops for 2019 here.

ARTIST TIP — An artistic mentor wants to advise students who have a point of view or area of interest. Spend time thinking about what you want from your creative experiences and pursuits so that you can learn from a mentor or workshop instructor with your goals in mind.

Learn Expressive Painting Techniques

Push yourself out of your safe zone and into a brand new, looser, abstract direction — drawing, painting, and collaging the contemporary nude figure during a three-day abstract-meets-figuration workshop on June 26-28, 2019 at the Sedona Arts Center.

Sunrise Event by Robert Burridge

You’ll learn expressive painting techniques for the modern painter while exploring color and the 12 design compositions for a successful painting. If you ever wanted to learn how to paint the freestyle abstract figure, this workshop is for you!

ARTIST TIP — Depict an abstracted figure in your work. A closeup of a limb or profile of the torso can be powerful. But you won’t get bogged down in anatomy.

Stephen Quiller at the 4UR Ranch

Join Stephen Quiller for a workshop at the 4UR Ranch, the environment he describes as “simply the best venue I’ve ever had for painting workshops.” From the accommodations to the food and care that the staff provide — nothing less than incredible, according to this top artist and instructor!

Adult Only Ranch Resort Weeks Workshops – 4UR Ranch

The 4UR Ranch is located along 6 miles of mountain valley and streams in Creede, Colorado, and is the ultimate mountain setting. Every June, Quiller teaches an experimental watermedia workshop here. He follows that up in late September, at the peak of bottom, with a yearly plein air watermedia class.

Contact Robin Christensen (PO Box 340, Creede, Colorado 81130) for more info: 719-658-2202, or write to her at [email protected]

ARTIST TIP — Save yourself from soggy feet when painting rainy scenes or marshy, muddy landscapes. Simply bring rubber boots along! Your socks will thank you!

Art Retreats and Workshops 2019 — Without Leaving Home

Do you love the idea of continuing your creative journey but aren’t in a situation where you can pick up and leave home this minute? Network TV is always just a click away with tons of videos to stimulate your creative side and keep you painting and drawing at your convenience! Browse all the offerings now! Enjoy!

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